Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Mushy Mumbling.

So, I got back tonight from a very funny comic hypnosis show, to which the Cute Blonde Boy did not accompany me. And that's quite alright. I was talking with a couple of the girls before the show, and someone asked if he would be joining me. I was able to say "No, he wasn't interested", without feeling wierd about it. Mind you, this is a new thing for me.

And blame it on the solar eclipse or some planet being in retrograde, but I'm feeling a bit mushy tonight. Normally I'd apologize for that, but I don't think I will. So here you go...

Top 9 Things I Dig About the CBB (many of which are amplified by my previous lack of experience with)
  1. He calls me nicknames (no, I'm not listing them here)
  2. He's willing to say when he doesn't want to do something (and as such, I don't have to worry if he's really interested, when we do go)
  3. He likes to take walks. And hike. And camp. Hooray!!
  4. He likes his family, and enjoys spending time with them
  5. He likes my family, and doesn't seem to mind spending time with them.
  6. He's a bit of a geek. And he calls me a Girl Geek, which I never thought would be a compliment, is. Especially from a geek.
  7. He calls me on my shit. Which I need, more often than I'm really ready to admit.
  8. He snuggles. Which makes all Cosmo readers jealous, and Maxim readers shake their heads. I laugh at them. HA!
  9. He digs me. And all my little quirks.

And if this were to be a Top 10 (which it isn't, because I'm not David Letterman), I'd probably list this Thing-That-Wouldn't-Necessarily-Be-A-Dealbreaker-But-I'm-SO-Glad-I-Don't-Have-To-Worry-About-It thing:

My friends and family like him. And tell me so. Frequently.

Alright, sap session over. I'll be back later with something witty, if I can break away from the jobs long enough to blog it.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Beagles and Goldens and Mutts, oh my!

I had this all written up here, but then thought, "This is something the parents could read."

So I've posted another Mumbling, and invite you to take a peek.

And maybe register to walk with us? Huh? Huh? Huh?

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

What a slacker.

I just took a little look-see, to see how much of a slacker I've been, and Wow.

I just haven't had that many creative thoughts running through my head, begging to be blogged. That, and I've been keeping myself occupied by spending time with the CBB and The Girls (his dog and mine, who are a handful when left to their own devices), working, drumming and Passion Partying.

Just thought I'd let you know that I'm still here, and I promise I'll get back to being witty again someday.

Well, if I ever was in the first place, that is.