Friday, July 17, 2009

Long time, no mumble.

I blame Facebook.

I get all the updates I need from people I know (and many I hardly know) in nice little snippets.

I'm convinced I have some sort of ADD, and that's not helped by getting away with not reading more than 2 sentences (max) about anyone else's life.

Still, I find myself this morning feeling like I need to mutter on a bit more than a FB-sized statement, so here we go.

I'm at a crossroads. Or maybe not. Maybe I'm on the (career) highway I've been on for about 9 years now, and starting to look longingly at the side roads. They'd let me go a little slower (which means not as good a salary), but they'd almost certainly be more interesting.

I like ad trafficking -- the instant gratification (could that be related to the suspected ADD?) is something I thrive on. I like that things are always changing. But I'm pretty uncertain of my future in this company (since my friend/coworker got sacked unexpectedly, and for reasons that I think were made up), and I'm not sure how much I can trust my superiors. And that's not a happy work environment.

But the prospect of my stock options panning out (which could easily mean 2+ years' salary equivalent) is a pretty strong draw. That's probably at least a couple of years away, though -- and I don't know if I can be that patient.

I do the Passion Parties, which I love. But I've been a bit of a slug recently, and haven't done more than 2 parties in the past 8-10 months.. That's about to change, as I have 3 scheduled in the next month, and 2 more potentials 8 weeks from now.

What I'm looking into right now is being a home-based travel agent.

I don't have any delusions of getting free travel and jetting all over the world, or of making millions at this -- I know better than that. But if I can supplement our income a little bit, and get the joy of helping people plan their vacations (probably focusing on Europe), and maybe get a little discount or upgrade here and there, that would be grand.

Does this classify as a mid-life crisis? Or does that need to involve a sports car of some sort?