Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Every 2 years, whether I need it or not.

Wow. Really? 2 years? Huh.

So, I'm about to resuscitate the blog, for the purpose of mumbling about our adventures in following the inaugural USA Pro Cycling Challenge (which really needs a new name, but that's another topic). And in looking at my last post, it occurs to me that there are a couple of updates to be made, for those that only know me through this blog (both of you).

A few months after that post, I jumped in and officially started a travel agency. Extremely part-time, mind you, but still. My company is called "Let's Go That Way", because it fits my overall travel style.

About 6 months after that post (January 2010), I got laid off from the full-time ad trafficking job that had been paying the bills. I was pretty gutted, but had the presence of mind to say "Wow, I understand, but that still really sucks. By the way, can I have your travel business?"
And he said Yes.

Most days, I'm very grateful for that, as it's launched me into being a bona-fide (though still very part-time) travel agent. I even have my IATA card and everything. Now, if we can just afford to save on travel, we can make use of a few discounts.

I've since accepted another full-time trafficker position -- in fact, have been here over a year -- to help pay the bills. But I've kept my original corporate client, who has pointed several others my way. And I've had the good fortune to have several friends, family & neighbors trust me with their travel plans, and have picked up a few random clients who found me on Google.

I still hope to do this full-time, in the not-so-distant future. But it won't pay the bills (unless I actively seek out luxury clients, who frankly, don't see travel the same way that I do).

So there you go. Quick update on the career path of someone you may or may not know.

Up next: How the Cute Blonde Boy and I fare, when spending the better part of a week together in a Dodge Durango.