Friday, June 08, 2007

Girl talk.

I never thought I'd actually say this, but I miss having friends in the office.

Not best friends, mind you -- I know you don't go to work to meet best friends, and I already have the best friends I could ask for, thank-you-very-much -- but friends.


People that you can actually mention your weekend plans to, and they're interested in hearing. And you hear about theirs.

People who occasionally come over and say "Hey, I'm in the mood for a cup of coffee -- wanna run to Peaberry with me?"

I work in a warehouse full of guys. Nice enough guys, but they're guys. And they certainly aren't much interested in hearing whether I'm going to the Harry Connick concert (which was fabulous, by the way), or how my plans for the upcoming vacation are coming (fabulously, thank you).

The monthly get-togethers with the book club are great -- nearly life-sustaining for me -- but boy, I miss a little more frequent girl-time.

The girls that do work here are in a whole different social class than me. That's not to say that they're the upper eschelon of society, or white trash, or whatever. They're just single girls, more along the lines of fashionista than passionista. They could probably wear a different outfit every day for 3 weeks without ever donning a t-shirt, jeans or sneakers. They go out for drinks several times a week (with other work folks, of course), stay up far too late, stroll in 2 hours after I do, and stay late, too.

I used to get really annoyed with my co-workers who couldn't hold a conversation without inserting something about "my kids", but now I'm missing those conversations -- which were based in a reality closer to mine than the girls' here.

I wouldn't go back to the single days for all the gold in the world -- the CBB is all I could ask for, and I adore him -- but during the day, I really wouldn't mind having those type of office conversations that used to annoy me. I used to get a little tired of hearing about one particular co-worker's family (as she had rather a large brood with so many experiences each week), but when she called me this week for some work-related questions, I really found myself missing her. And -- dare I say it - her stories.

Maybe I wouldn't miss it quite as much, if the conversations around me
a) involved me occasionally


b) didn't always involve discussion of some deviant (and here I mean REALLY deviant) sexual act, or this hot babe or that one, or comic books.

I really never thought I'd miss those girly conversations, but then, I never thought I'd work here.