Thursday, August 02, 2007

Talk about planning ahead!

The other day (July 30, to be precise), I was in the grocery store, getting a couple of things for breakfast. As I rounded the corner, I caught sight of something orange.

Now, seeing as Broncos training camp has just started, and I live in "Broncos Country", that color isn't enough to raise my eyebrows.

No, what had me literally saying "Oh, hell, no" out loud while stopped in my tracks at the end of aisle 12 were the shelves full of Hallowe'en candy.

In July.

Let me repeat: "Oh, hell, no."
Add a little Maury-Povich-style ghetto neck (pretend that I'm not the translucent white girl that I am):

"Oh, HEYYYELL no."

Thass' all I got to say 'bout that.


Anonymous J Koller mused...

You think that's bad (and it is), in Canada we haven't taken down the Christmas stuff yet! Eh!

Thu Aug 02, 06:23:00 pm  
Anonymous J. Koller mused...

Pam: Any chance that Dejo dude could send me an email. If not I'll have to come down there and congratulate him myself . . . is there room for 8?

Thu Aug 02, 06:25:00 pm  
Blogger JerrilynnL mused...

I've had a craving for halloween candy corn - good thing I don't have to wait too long! ;-)

Mon Aug 06, 06:43:00 pm  
Blogger Psycho Kitty mused...

LOL--I did exactly the same thing the day before you, except without the "hell" (I was in the presence of mine offspring).

And also, I put the kabosh on buying candy corn. The kids these days, they just don't get it! (Gripe, gripe.)

Mon Aug 06, 11:36:00 pm  
Blogger Nichelle mused...

Just say no.

Wed Aug 15, 10:28:00 pm  

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