Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Why, people, WHY?

Quick rant:

On my way up from Castle Rock this morning (the CBB lives down that way, dontcha know), the traffic was at a crawl. Sigh. I figured it was due to the weather -- foggy, drizzly, generally icky.

We get about a mile away from where we entered the highway, and saw a pickup off on the side of the road, in a veeeery wide breakdown lane. Nobody working on it, nobody standing around, it wasn't on fire, nothing...... The only thing remarkable about it (and we did remark on it), was that there was a bit of snow on it.

Now, I expect the first snow of the year to wreak havoc on traffic, but I generally expect it to be on the ground to do so.

Not on a car, off the road.

Ugh. People, PLEASE! Just flippin' drive!

Rant done. Thanks for listening.


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