Monday, July 31, 2006

"...I wanna live forever..."


Friend Nichelle has a blog posting about brushes with fame, and asks for her reader's stories. I happen to have 2 of them, and lucky you, I'll share them.

Chapter One, In Which A Newbie Proves Us Wrong
Sometime after my senior year in high school, my friends Cheryl, Todd & I learned that "Me and My Girl" was coming to town, starring that Rocky Horror tranny, Tim Curry. There was no question, we HAD to spend some of our Taco Bell earnings to go see him! And we took along -- for reasons that have long since escaped my memory -- one of our co-workers, a younger kid whose name also escapes me. We'll call him Ed, since that's easy to type.

Ed had never seen any stage show aside from the ones that the school put on, so we edumacated him on how one really should dress up and act for these things, and we headed down to Denver for The Show. Our balcony seats afforded us a nice view of the whole stage (and the whole audience, as I recall), and the rented binoculars gave us a glimpse as to what Mr. Curry probably looked like in his costume.

After the show, Ed suggested we go meet Mr. Curry backstage. With a patronizing laugh that would indicate we'd been to such performances just dozens of times, we explained that sweetie darling, stars like Mr. Curry don't just simply hang around the stage door waiting for the likes of us. He persisted, and we agreed to indulge his childish fantasy for a few minutes (It was at least fall, since it was more than a bit nippy outside).

We made our way to the stage door to linger with the few other people who had the same idea and very shortly, someone popped his head out of the door and said he was very sorry, but Mr. Curry was in post-show meetings and wouldn't be out for hours, so just run along now, please. We gave Ed the obligatory "See, we told you so" comment, and stood there a moment, debating where we could go grab a cup of cocoa or something. Just then, the door opened again, and there was Tim Curry, still in costume and makeup. "But, but, but....." one of us stammered. To which he elegantly replied (in his lovely English accent) "Well, I couldn't have you just standing out here freezing, could I?" No, now you mention it, you couldn't. Huh.

So, we had him autograph our programs, and stood there dumbstruck. Except for me. I asked him "Do you regret doing 'Rocky Horror'?",which I immediately regretted asking. He looked at me and said "If you never take any risks, you don't have any fun, do you?" Wise words, which I try to keep in mind every so often.

Keep a watch here for Chapter Two: In Which Garth Brooks Astounds Us With His Niceness


Blogger Cindy mused...

You forgot to mention that your kid sister tagged along too. Although, why you let her I can't imagine. Gangly little 4-eyed 7th-grader that I was. I have the autographed program to prove it though!

Tue Aug 01, 02:10:00 pm  
Blogger Sus mused...

umm....Garth Brooks? *shiver* ;)

Mon Aug 07, 10:36:00 pm  

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