Thursday, August 03, 2006

One less place to travel.

Well, I don't post for ages, and then I go on a little tear.....

WARNING: Animal lovers may be upset by the links that follow.

So, I've never been someone who's jsut dying to travel to Asia, but now I can confidently remove China from the bottom of my List Of Places To Visit.

It seems that a particular county in China has a rabies problem, and has decided to kill the dogs in an effort to help stop it. I don't agree, but okay, if you feel that's your solution, so be it.

The trouble is, when the owners of the dogs didn't take care of the euthanasia on their own, the county enforced this policy in a hideous, inhumane, wickedly brutal way (for both dog and owner).

Rabies = bad. I get it. But bludgeoning someone's pet in front of their eyes is also bad. And having no laws governing cruelty to pets is bad, too.

Sorry, China, I'll be taking my tourism dollars somewhere else. And leaving my pets inthe care of someone I can count on to treat them with the love and respect they deserve.


Blogger Sus mused...

China hasn't quite caught on the concept of "humane" at least from what I've read and heard in the news and such. Seems like they're dealing with this situation in the same incredibly absurd manner they've been dealing with the over population situation.

But I can't see the point in deciding not to visit a country merely because their gov't policies are fucked-up...hell that'd rule out 99.9% of the world. Let's see...America has Bushypoo policies, Britian has Blair sucking on Bushy's thumb, Mexico has horrifically corruupt police & gov't, Columbia has a severe drug production problem, Iran has a president intent on firing nuclear missiles, Spain's gov't h as consistently persecuted the Basque people and the Basque have militants who like to blow things up, North Korea has Kim Jong Il (enough said there!).....

Anaaayyyyway.....I'll shush my incessant love of political rants!

Mon Aug 07, 10:49:00 pm  

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