Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Wanna go for a walk?!?

So, if you're a dog, those words should have you wagging your tail furiously and looking at the door, at the leash, door, leash, door, leash, door, leash.

If you're a human, it means I'm asking for one of 2 things:

1) Join us at the Wag 'N Trail fundraiser for the Denver Dumb Friends League, Saturday September 16. It's at the park at Surrey Ridge (between Highlands Ranch and Castle Rock, on I-25). Walk with the dogs, have a burger, enjoy a nice late summer day outside. Free to register!


2) Sponsor Sya and me as we participate, to add funds to the Dumb Friends League's coffers, as they do marvelous work in the community, saving stray anmals, spaying & neutering pets, offering pets for adoption, and educating the community about the need for these services.

My goal is to raise $200, which is enough to keep 4 dogs fed and safe in the shelter for 10 days -- hopefully enough time for them to either be reunited with their owners, or be adopted out to new families.

Thanks for your support!!!

Pam (and Sya) (and Oreo, because these things mean that the dog is out of the house for a while, and too tired to bother him when we return)


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