Thursday, December 28, 2006

Band or bogus?

I know, I's been too long.

I'll write more substantial stuff eventually, but in the meantime.....

Every so often, something comes up in coversation that makes me think, "Boy, if I ever had a rock band, that's be a great name." Lately, some spam e-mails have subject lines that are clearly just a couple of random words put together, but they make a pretty good band name. Here are a few that come to mind (some from spam, some from conversations, some I just don't remember). And while I don't have a rock band, these make pretty awesome trivia team names, too.
  • Impotent Dodo
  • Bag O' Porn
  • Digital Potato
  • Respiratory Heretic
  • Disaster Breakfast
  • Ostracized Imp
  • Waste of Furniture
  • Special Guest
  • Can't Tell Ya (actually a band -- Dejo's brother's -- what a GREAT band name! "What's the band called?" "Can't Tell Ya")
I'll add more as I think of, or remember them. I know you've got some tucked away, too --

Update, Jan 10 2007:
  • Retarded Marshmallow (or "TardMarsh, for short)