Tuesday, August 21, 2007

IQ - What's important?

So, I heard a bit on the radio coming in to work this morning, and it made me wonder what my readers would answer.

Men's Health magazine asked men & women to rank 6 qualities in order of importance, in a life partner.

In no particular order, the qualities to be ranked are:

Honesty Good Looks Humor
Kindness Intelligence Ambition

So, I ask you to tell us how you would rank them. When considering a partner, how important are each of these qualites? And no wussing out by saying "They're all equally important". Pfff....

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Talk about planning ahead!

The other day (July 30, to be precise), I was in the grocery store, getting a couple of things for breakfast. As I rounded the corner, I caught sight of something orange.

Now, seeing as Broncos training camp has just started, and I live in "Broncos Country", that color isn't enough to raise my eyebrows.

No, what had me literally saying "Oh, hell, no" out loud while stopped in my tracks at the end of aisle 12 were the shelves full of Hallowe'en candy.

In July.

Let me repeat: "Oh, hell, no."
Add a little Maury-Povich-style ghetto neck (pretend that I'm not the translucent white girl that I am):

"Oh, HEYYYELL no."

Thass' all I got to say 'bout that.