Thursday, February 14, 2008

Is it so much to ask?

When did it become illegal to have sleeves on a wedding dress?

REAL sleeves, mind you, not the crappy little cap sleeves that merely magnify the upper arm of any woman who does not focus 2 hours a day on tricep presses.

A sleeve that maybe covers the widest part of the arm, yet doesn't encase the entire arm in a suffocating, that-summer-heat-is-gonna-git-ya layer of organza.

Seriously. Do this, next time you're in the grocery store or bookstore:
Pick up a bridal magazine -- I don't care which one.
Open it up to a random page, and if that page has a picture of a dress -- bride's or bridesmaid's either one -- make a mental note as to whether or not it has sleeves.

Repeat 9 more times.

If you get ONE picture of a dress with sleeves, then you managed to hit the one page in that magazine that had the Freak of Design.

The size 4 brides from Chicago look lovely in their strapless dresses, I'll grant you that.
But I can guarantee that you don't want my curves exposed thusly.
And I can further guaran-damn-tee you that I don't wany my curves thusly exposed and then captured by a camera for all of eternity.

I want sleeves. Not a cute bolero jacket that goes on top of a strapless dress to ADD sleeves. Not some sheer fabric that was added as an afterthought. Sleeves. Designed with granny arms in mind.

Is that so much to ask?


Blogger Cindy mused...

That's why I opted for the off-the-shoulder version which hides the biggest fatty area. Plus a wrap. Just remember your bridesmaids might not want sleeves in a June wedding! :)

Fri Feb 15, 12:14:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous mused...

I totally understand the sleeve problem. All I can say is if you want sleeves you can get 3/4 sleeves or full sleeves but the material the sleeves are made of are sheer. If you go that way you bridesmaid/s can go with any kind of sleeve, cap or none at all.
Good luck.

Tue Feb 19, 12:50:00 pm  
Blogger JerrilynnL mused...

Don't forget - there's always the "temple dresses" ;-)

Sat Mar 15, 05:07:00 pm  
Blogger Sus mused...

To answer your question in one word....YES. *lol*

So who are your bridesmaids by the way or are you having such tradition?

Sun Apr 20, 10:14:00 am  
Blogger Andrew mused...

So instead of lecturing me about putting an RSS feed on my blog, how about updating yours? (He asked impatiently)

Oh, and if you'd like to walk me through the RSS feed thing...that would be good too. :-)

Thu Jul 03, 04:05:00 pm  

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